What’s next?

BookerTI’ve had a tentative title for the next Street Stories suspense novel for months now–Hello Goodbye–as well as a character sketch of my main street kid, Booker T. It’s only been recently, however, that the villain reared an ugly head and thus revealed the plot to me. Here’s my one sentence summary of the story. What do you think–sound good to you?

“When a homeless street kid working to get a college scholarship finds a dead body in a dumpster, the trusted mentor he turns to for help does everything possible to make him look like the murderer until reporter Jo Sullivan steps in to search for the truth that will keep him on track for a dorm room instead of a prison cell.”

Outlining is coming along well and that should make the story relatively smooth to write. I’m hoping to be finished and maybe even released by the end of 2014. Stay tuned for more hints and updates as the work progresses.

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