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Cousins Shorty Davis and Booker T Brooks grew up in pretty much the same circumstances: single mother, too many siblings crowded into a small ghetto apartment. So what makes one kid choose violence as his method to survive living on the streets and the other choose education? Chicago reporter Jo Sullivan doesn’t know or have time to worry about it.  When a severed head turns up in an alley dumpster, she’s too busy trying to find out why all the evidence seems to point  to the one kid least likely to have committed the crime.

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Honorable Mention awarded in the 2015 CWA Awards.


4-starsI really liked Booker. He was always trying to do the right thing.  I liked the side characters and the mystery was really good. I found the other disappearances very intriguing. Jo was a little harder to like but she’s going through a lot so I think the stress made her character ornery. This is the third book in the series and I had no problem following the story.- The TBR Pile

This quick-paced, sometimes dark, but ultimately good-hearted novel aims for light entertainment with a straightforward message, not unlike the spirited Chicago detective novels of Sarah Paretsky. – Chicago Book Review

“Borys did an excellent job of leading the reader down false paths, painting a suspicious picture of almost everyone, and yet creating an ending that would shock even the most die-hard murder mystery fan.” –Windy City Reviews

4-starsBox of Rain is an important story for us to read. It’s an inside view of life unfolding in the shadows of our world, providing a new perspective about the challenges good people face trying to survive and live in spite of the circumstances they were born into.” —M. J. Joachim

“A4-stars fast paced murder mystery. I loved the setting in Chicago, the descriptive details are very accurate. I liked Booker, he was a determined young man, determined to make something good out of his life, despite his horrible upbringing. The plot was very good and original, I like that in a book. Overall I feel that those who love murder/mystery will enjoy Box of Rain.” — Sheri Wilkinson for Juniper Grove

4-stars“The pacing is excellent. There are surprises around every corner…Mystery lovers are certain to find Box of Rain to be a gripping story, not only filled with excitement, but one which deals with some very real current issues.” –Cyclamen at Long & Short Reviews

5-stars“Who is the killer? Do Booker T and Shorty survive to see another day? I wondered almost to the end. The characters are very real, the pace is good, and the suspense is great. Ms. Borys tells a wonderful story while teaching us about life in the Chicago projects.” –Dayna Leigh Cheser at Reviews by Dayna


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