Breaking open the wrapper

I think I just started writing my third Street Stories novel. I was working on plotting, and suddenly my search for character names turned into this. What you you think?

Embed from Getty Images

Wobble by V.I.C. jammed so loud Shorty’s ass couldn’t stop bouncing to the beat. The whole crowd rolled with the music like scum on waves of water. The new kid finished his fancy footwork with a scuffle and jump that set off a roar of approval, then hopped off the square of cardboard to give Booker T. his shot at pleasing the audience. Booker started off with a tail-feather shake that earned whistles from the ladies in the front.

“Go T! You can beat him.” Shorty leaned in like he could use his own shoulders to help his friend win the battle.

“Bookworm be booking it a’ight,” Teach agreed.

“My man don’t like that byline, Teach, so watch yo’ mouth. Hear me.” Shorty turned to the guy standing next to them. Avery something. “Better pay up now, krill, if you in. Or it be too late to shit in the pot.”

The college drip, slumming it up, no doubt, for a little R & R, handed over a fat fifty. “You better be right, dude. He’s slamming the alley for sure, but that other guy’s no hip hop whore either.”

“‘That other guy’s no hip hop whore,’” Shorty mocked in a high pitch. “Hip hop snore be more like it. He got no moves at all compared to my boy T there.”

“You dance better than that, baby,” said the pretty boy’s eye candy. She batted fake lashes and rubbed her boob on Avery’s arm. “Let’s get to the club, huh? Tiff’s waiting for us.”
Avery shrugged her off with a growl. “That bitch can wait her whole life for all I care. Now shut up and watch while I win some money here.”

Just another round to go and it was over. Booker had the crowd in tears of joy with his last spin and tickle, jumping up with a grin wide as a trucker’s ass-crack. Money started changing wallets, T’s arm was lifted by someone in the crowd, and the loser shook hands with a grin and a good word on a kick-ass game.

Shorty turned to Avery. “See, I tole you, I done tole you, frat boy. Let’s go collect our winnings ‘fore Chubs decides to cut and run without paying his dues.”

I’m excited to start incorporating street dance into Hello Goodbye. Watch for more vids like the one below as I research for inspiration.

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