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Editing Progress Update


After meeting my word count goal August 1, I took a hiatus to attend my son’s wedding in Greece, which was just enough time and inspiration to prepare me to begin edits. I am almost completely through with the second draft, just six more chapters to do and I now have a total word count of 72,568.  Once I get through these last chapters, I will be sending the draft out to my publisher and select beta readers to get feedback before moving into the second editing phase.

Wish me luck!

Adding up my accountabilities increases my ability

I did this for Bend Me, Shape Me, and got that finished and released in record time, plus it is my best written book to date, so I’m going to try doing the same thing for Box of Rain.

In order to reach my deadline of having the first draft done by August 1 of this year, I will be updating the following word count goals as I reach them.

!!!   Goal Reached !!!

(Now on to the editing)

Word count goal: 70,000

Total word count as of  August 1: