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Watch for reviews coming soon

So far,  the following book reviewers have agreed to read and review Box of Rain. Watch this site for links to the reviews as they come in.

 Jenn’s Review Blog: Jennifer Zuna reviewed both Painted Black and Bend Me, Shape Me and gave them excellent ratings, so I’m hoping she will like BOR too.  She also reviews products on her site.

M. J. Joachim’s Writing Tips: MJ not only found Bend Me Shape Me to be worth mentioning on both her blogs, but she asked to see all future books in the series and seemed eager to read BOR.  She has a second website, also, called Effectively Human, which recently published an essay by me about a young man I met on the streets of Chicago.

Windy City Reviews: This site is a book review service offered by Chicago Writers Association.  Last year, reviewer Starza Thompson did a lengthy and thoughtful review of Bend Me, Shape Me and has agreed to read BOR, too.

Kathryn’s Inbox: Kathryn published an interview of me earlier this year and has agreed to let me write a guest post, too.  Watch for that soon, and her review of BOR.

Portable Pieces of Thought:  Bridget Koch is a new reviewer to the Street Stories family, but sounded eager to read BOR since the issue of homelessness is important to her.  She won’t have time to do a review until early 2015, but I look forward to hearing what she thinks of the book.

Wistfulskimmie’s Book Reviews: Kim Tomsett feels like an old friend, thanks in part to her awesome reviews of the first two books in the series.  If you visit her site you will find a huge assortment of reviews to help you decide what your next read should be.

Juniper Grove: Jaidis Shaw has been a faithful supporter since the start of the series, having reviewed Painted Black and posting one of my first interviews. She released a YA paranormal romance this past summer and has some short stories in anthologies available.

Author Dayna Leigh Cheser: This is actually the pen name of Julie Jordan, the author of three books. Her website also posts interviews and features for other writers, and will be posting an interview of me later as well.

To see reviews of the first two Street Stories books, click the following links:  Painted Black or Bend Me, Shape Me.

If you are interested in reviewing Box of Rain, either on your own website, on Amazon.com, BarnnesandNoble.com, or Goodreads, please contact me using the form below.  The book is available in mobi or epub formats.