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Box of Rain Showcase, Part 2

Part two of the Showcase by Author Dayna Leigh Cheser which complements the review of Box of Rain posted earlier.

Debra R. Borys

DaynesiteI  almost forgot to post a link to part two of the Showcase of Box of Rain, which is an interview of me by Author Dayna Leigh Cheser.  Here’s one question you might not have heard before, but click through to read the rest and see what new information you might find.

How do you choose names for your characters?

Main character names are just a matter of brainstorming until I find something that feels right. The one exception to that is Christopher Robert Young, from ‘Painted Black’. I actually decided on the name before I knew my character very well. I’d met a young artist with name at a folk music concert once and since I was toying with the idea of having my main street kid be a graffiti artist, I thought it was perfect that the young man’s initials are CRY. So that is Chris’s street…

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5-Star Review by Author Dayna Leigh Cheser


Author Dayna Leigh Cheser selects only one book per month to showcase on her blog.  For January, Box of Rain not only made the cut, but also received a five-star rating.  Here is the first post which includes the review.  Part two of her showcase will happen Jan. 26.

“Who killed Rico? And, why?

And, what about others who have disappeared over the years?

In a weekly newspaper office, Jo works to finish her work, ignoring calls from her mother. Jack visits her there, asking for help with a client who wants to escape the projects – Booker T.

Download the e-book today!
Download the e-book today!

Unable to deal with her father being charged with a crime, Jo is stressed when her parents come to town for her father’s cancer treatment. Meeting her mother in the hospital cafeteria for Mother’s Day doesn’t end well, so she meets Jack – and all @#$% breaks loose.

Before it’s over, there are more deaths, past and present, and Jo finds herself in a life-threatening situation.

Who is the killer? Do Booker T and Shorty survive to see another day? I wondered almost to the end.

The characters are very real, the pace is good, and the suspense is great. Ms. Borys tells a wonderful story while teaching us about life in the Chicago projects.

I give ‘Box of Rain’ 5-stars.”

via RBD: Book Review, Part 1 – Box of Rain | Author Dayna Leigh Cheser.   5-stars