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Review: “An important story to read”


I am so blown away by M.J. Joachim’s comments in her Box of Rain review that I can’t pick only some of her post to quote and had to paste the whole thing. But I do encourage you to visit her site. She has a lot of great content you’d enjoy.


“Capturing a sense of reality in the dangerous prospect of living on the street, engaging in the abstract sense of hope through a sense of safety confounded by betrayal, Box of Rain stimulates and intensifies a journey saddened by hardship, lies and futility. It’s not easy breaking the cycle of negative circumstances and situations in one’s life. Even when one works confoundedly hard to do just that, life has a way of ripping the rug out from under you.

Surviving is not the same thing as living. Life on the street, in gangs, bouncing from foster home to foster home and the like is about survival, not living. Kids do what they have to do, they’re faith and trust in people always tested, which often leaves them bitter, cynical and afraid. Rarely is one able to count on another person while living this type of life. When one does, it may well lead to betrayal and unexpected pain in the future.

Download the e-book today!
Download the e-book today!

Box of Rain is an important story for us to read. It’s an inside view of life unfolding in the shadows of our world, providing a new perspective about the challenges good people face trying to survive and live in spite of the circumstances they were born into. The odds are usually against them. Heck, society and even their own kind are usually against them, but still some of them take every ounce of courage and every bit of energy they have to fight against the odds and break the cycle in the hopes of changing their lives for the better.

Box of Rain is a well written story that captivates the reader from beginning to end with twists and turns, making this book nearly impossible to put down at times. Borys keeps us wondering, sitting on the edge of our seat, scratching our head, guessing and hoping, praying even, for certain characters to be alright, and others to be held accountable for their crimes.

No spoilers here. You’ll just have to read it and find out for yourself, and I really hope you do. This is a very well written story, offering so much more than a good book to read. This book provides new perspective, and might even inspire a bit of action on our parts, to reach out or at least look at those living in the shadows with love, compassion and the willingness to care enough to do our part to help them.”

via M. J. Joachim’s Writing Tips: Book Review: Box of Rain by Debra R. Borys.

4-star Review @ Long & Short Reviews


Long & Short Reviews is a prolific review site with multiple reviewers with a host of styles and tastes. Luckily, Box of Rain fits into the category of 4-star approval! Here’s what they had to say. Click through to see what other books they recommend.

“Shorty and Booker are cousins, but they have chosen radically different paths in life. Nevertheless, they care about each other, although in different ways. They get caught up in violence that is not of their making and Booker’s chance at an education is threatened when he is framed for a brutal murder.

Download the e-book today!
Download the e-book today!

The characters in this novel are incredibly real. Thankfully, I’ve never been in a situation such as Shorty’s and Booker’s, but I felt as if I were an integral part of it. Jo Sullivan, a reporter, is the third main character, and certainly her personal life is not much easier psychologically than the boys’. She may not be living on the street, but the drama in her family life is more than sufficient to cause her to take up Booker’s cause not only as a distraction from her own problems but also as a way of gaining clarity for herself.

The pacing is excellent. There are surprises around every corner and I tried so hard to help Booker find a way out of his situation. He wants so much to do the right thing, but he is also loyal to Shorty and Irma Cochran, or Mrs. C as the boys call her, who has fostered both of them in the past.

Solving the mystery is complex. Without giving away any spoilers, I found it difficult to sort out a real motive and the crimes turn out to cover a lot of years. But why would anyone want to frame Booker, a young man who is doing everything he can to get out of his homeless situation?

Mystery lovers are certain to find Box of Rain to be a gripping story, not only filled with excitement, but one which deals with some very real current issues.”

via Cyclamen at Long & Short Reviews.4-stars