Review: Booker was an interesting protagonist


Bridget at portable pieces of thought doesn’t give reviews a rating, and while her assessment of Box of Rain didn’t earn her “One Brilliant Book” sticker, it also didn’t get labelled “A Total Failure” or “Meh.” So I call this one a win.

Download the e-book today!
Download the e-book today!


I liked especially the characterization – as three-dimensional as you might wish. Jo Sullivan, working for a local newspaper, had also other problems to deal with; contrary to some of her fictional sister sleuths she didn’t live and breathe just to solve crimes and drink coffee. Not even that particular crime, concerning a boy who strived to overcome all odds and earn his degree.

Also Booker was an interesting protagonist to follow. He wasn’t idealized, he wasn’t a ‘saintly saint’ but a real human being with a darker side.

via Review: Box of Rain (a Street Stories suspense novel) by Debra R. Borys | portable pieces of thoughts.

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